:: Process Roadmaps

From process flowcharts to product life-cycle road maps, we visually map your business with responsive web or screen presentations.

  • Clearly communicate the life-cycle of your products.
  • Publish your company's business processes in a secure, online manner, so all staff can access and follow the same procedures.
  • Make your flowcharts interactive, so staff can drill-down and find the detail they need, appropriate to their position and perspective.
  • Keep your processes current by updating them in one place but accessing them on any device.

:: Scenario: you need to communicate your product versions and life-cycle to clients and staff

When you have products that are version-released on a timeline, or are interested in planning for transitions and testing for products that you rely upon that are versioned, then product roadmaps can help you understand your dependencies, and what you will need to do months in advance of losing support for your critical infrastructure.

If you supply products to clients and want to ensure that they have upgraded before your support shifts to the more recent versions, then a product roadmap that shows the various release dates, cut-off periods, and support windows, is ideal to avoid angry clients demanding expensive and distracting support for legacy infrastructure.

:: Scenario: you need to ensure all staff are following your prescribed methods

If you have a complex process flow, with stage-gates, regulatory checks, phased sign-offs, or the need to coordinate multiple streams of activity, then easily accessible and navigable process flowcharts are essential. Our interactive and responsive models can be accessed via desktop or mobile, and allow your team to reference the proper process steps within a larger flow from anywhere.

Database-driven processes allow you to update in one place and publish across many platforms, while ensuring that your team always has the most up-to-date versions. Re-usable procedures allow you to standardize common tasks across different disciplines. Tie your user guides into your process flowcharts, and allow your remote users to drill-down to find the detail they need, and at the appropriate abstraction to their position and perspective.