Business Process Animation

Show How Things Work – Show How Things Change

Otago Computing is a boutique company providing animation and information visualization services to corporate and media clients.

We deliver in four main areas: 3D Animation, 3D Infographics, 2D Animation, and Enhanced Graphics.

Our focus is on low-cost deliverables with quick turn-arounds and a client-interactive workflow.

3D Animation

Most animation is high-cost and run by large media firms for consumption in film, tv, or games. Our niche is the corporate world where teams need to communicate internally or directly to their stakeholders. We can create digital models of physical constructions that do not yet exist, or 3D representations of complex processes that can't be filmed.

See our latest on Alberta's new Solar Incentive.

2D Animation

Fast and cost-efficient, 2D animation takes the flat elements of your PowerPoint presentations and adds the time element, explaining the management of change in one consistent stream of thought. We can morph the elements of your process or project so your audience can seamlessly see how things change and how the process redirects to accommodate that change. Far more powerful than a slide deck, all for not much more in cost and time!

3D Infographics

For complex explanations, we can construct a 3D digital model of any equipment or process and render it for printing. After adding callouts, descriptive text, and branding, it is ready to enlighten staff or clients. More engaging than a flat diagram or flowchat from Visio!

Enhanced Graphics

We can provide self-contained and interactive elements on your website. These interfaces will engage your audience from being a passive observer to one that becomes invested in the message simply by allowing their curiosity and interest to guide them through your message. We can animate your existing static logo, trace routes on 3D terrain, animate old photos to enhance your documentary, and add special effects to your footage.

Why Animation?

If you find yourself repeatedly waving your arms explaining how a product or service will change a process or your client's lives, then you need an animation. Staff or clients can view it on their own computer as many times as they like – you can even track who hasn't watched. Save yourself the repetitive dog-and-pony show.

If you are describing to boardroom of 20 people how a project will enact a change from current state on Slide A to future state on Slide B, then you just had 20 different assumptions on how you got from A to B, and that will show up a problems months into the project. An animation will add the time element to your PowerPoint, showing the current state morph into the future, in ordered sequence, and lose nobody to assumptions. Animation is the perfect vehicle for describing events or settings in the past/future (i.e.: that no longer exist, do not yet exist).

In public presentations, if you find yourself knocking down basic misconceptions and never seem to get past square one and get the conversation started, then you need an animation that presents the basic offering and allows you to begin the conversation on the real issues with an already informed audience. Animations are cost-effective method of showing overview of large capital projects (since you do not need to hire helicopters and film crews to wait for the perfect day, or you can create explanatory footage of an installation that does not exist yet, or tour through spaces are too expensive, too small, or are too dangerous to do so with a live camera.

How We Work

Fast and light with a small footprint. We are small, but have access to teams of associates as needed (and only as needed) to get the job done. Our speciality is the 2-minute informative animation. Use it for staff training, client introductions, open-houses, trade show booths, project team orientation, etc… We provide weekly updates on project progress and hours spent, and believe in step-wise refinement (high client touch). In other words, you get to guide the sausage being made, not just see the finished product, to make sure it serves your needs exactly.

Software and Languages

Our workflow consists of the following:

2D Image Manipulation:

3D Modelling and Animation

2D Animation and Enhanced Graphics

Post Production

Supporting Skills

Success Stories

In May 2017, a nation-wide charity, Mito Canada, organized a team to run a linked marathon in Calgary to raise funds and awareness of mitochondrial disease and its research.
You really can't get a better example of business processes than trying to get 150 people to run a synchronized marathon while tied together.
Just think of the bathroom breaks!
We were able to help get everyone on teh same page and running in the same direction by visually outlining the techniques ahead of time. People tend to absord information better visually, and when you add the time element (i.e. what seperated diagrams from animations) you can really get them to understand in a few minutes what would take hours and hundreds of words otherwise.
We were successful: raising over $ 150,000 and earning a new Guinness World Record.

The Co-founder of Mito Canada, Blaine Penny, had this to say:

Jerry Auld is a visual animation wizard who has the rare ability to combine articulate communication skills applied to the most complex detail/logistics to be viewed in a simple on point animated manner. Team Mito just completed a Guinness World Record  for ’The most linked runners to complete a marathon’ on May 28, 2017. The success of the team and GWR attempt hinged on the preparation and readiness of the team/runners for the many logistics to be encountered throughout the race. As many runners were from out of town they didn’t have the opportunity to join for training runs. The animations provided the visual and detail to prepare our team for success. We couldn’t have pulled this off without Jerry and his phenomenal ‘How it works’  videos!

Blaine Penny
Team Mito Ambassador

Watch the full animation here.

A small company (name withheld to protect their confidentiality) that installs solar panels found that they spent $ 50,000 in staff-hours explaining to potential customers the basics of the industry, but only enjoying a 2% conversion rate. They wanted to reduce the investment in this repetitive process, and start the conversation with clients who already had pre-qualified themselves based on the projected costs, physical restrictions, and realizable benefits.

Otago Computing worked with them to create a series of short animations which took over the job of explaining the fundamentals of the industry, which allowed them to focus their staff time with customers on their value-added service. These animation videos were hosted on their website, with a simple contact information required for entry, and a survey at the end.

Their costs within were reduced enough to eliminate their previous annual $ 50,000 outlay, and because they were only talking to customers whom had passed the basic hurdles and still qualified, their conversion rate jumped to 30%.

This project paid for itself within one month, and their employees are happier because they can engage with customers at a more interesting level: that of the custom installation.

Contact Us

For estimates, project scoping, more references or examples, or to set up a time to meet or talk on the phone, please email Jerry Auld at

We are based in Canmore, Alberta, and serve the Calgary and Southern Albertra business market directly, and international corporations through online interactions, as animations are easily delivered, do not break, and run evrywhere.